DevOps Engineer


June 16, 2020

AirSage, an early pioneer in population movement analysis, is seeking a Cloud DevOps
Engineer. Using GPS data, we interpret billions of data points daily into meaningful analytics for
our customers. We are a technology company transforming the landscape of geolocation data
and have big plans to expand our area(s) of expertise - we’d love for you to be a part of this
journey with us.

We are looking for a motivated, self-guided DevOps Engineer to help support our big data
initiatives in the cloud. If AWS, GCE, and/or Azure are your strong suit, and you understand how
code can automate infrastructure, we’d like to talk to you.

Key Requirements:

  • Deep understanding of Infrastructure-As-Code, especially AWS Services
  • Previous engineering experience: functional and or object-oriented languages
  • Expert knowledge, certification preferred, in AWS; respective CLI experience a must
  • Experience with EMR (Hadoop and Spark) a plus
  • Experience working with deployment and orchestration technologies (Kubernetes,
    CircleCI, Jenkins)
  • Strong background in Linux administration and scripting languages (bash, python, etc)
    Bonus Qualifications:
  • Experience with Cloudformation and/or Terraform
  • Experience with designing and managing CI/CD pipelines (CircleCI)
  • Application & API development knowledge preferred


  • Configure, monitor, and respond to alarms
  • Maintain our current cloud infrastructure
  • Document architecture and infrastructure-as-code initiatives
  • Writing code to solve scale and infrastructure challenges

Salary: $80,000 - $95,000

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