Senior Application Security Engineer


September 4, 2020

Senior Application Security Engineer


As a Senior Application Security Engineer, your mission is to ensure that our customers can trust our platform with their most sensitive business processes and data. You will play an important role in defining and implementing strategic, technical, and operational objectives of the Application Security program at Appian. You will help establish industry-leading security processes and practices at each phase of the software development lifecycle; design, implement, and review the security features of our platform; assist product management with the prioritization of critical security-related activities; organize educational initiatives and materials.


  • Be part of a cross-organizational squad responsible for the development and maintenance of Appian’s Application Security program

  • Perform web and mobile penetration testing as well as secure code review

  • Assist in implementing an engineering-wide Security Champions program

  • Expand the Appian Bug Bounty program and increase researcher engagement

  • Assist in managing the Appian 3rd party assessor relationship

  • Build and improve processes on the Application Security Engineering squad

  • Help lay out the security architecture and operational roadmap for the Appian platform and our Engineering organization

  • Participate in strategic activities to evangelize security objectives and ensure their appropriate consideration in product and operational planning

  • Mature Appian’s DevSecOps pipeline by modifying and improving the existing current tooling

  • Provide cloud native security oversight to Appian

  • Research enterprise security and privacy standards and best-practices to ensure we apply them in our application security design and remediation processes, justifying departures and innovations to them where appropriate

  • Participate in functional and technical initiation and design activities to incorporate effective threat modeling, security standards, and best practices into product design

  • Educate team members and all engineers on application security standards and best practices, establishing regular educational activities, as well as recommending and attending appropriate training and conferences

  • Assist in our vulnerability remediation efforts by establishing effective triaging of bug findings and security scans, coordinating Engineering’s response, and guiding teams through the implementation of fixes

  • Report and escalate urgent threats/issues to Engineering leadership

  • Develop processes and automation for security reviews and testing activities, and evaluate application security tools to improve our detection and prevention capabilities

  • Contribute to Appian's long-term documentation through publishing relevant, high-quality content to Engineering's technical documentation site

Preferred Experience Level: B.S. / M.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related experience. 4+ years work experience in an application security role working with engineering teams. Strong understanding of: Secure code review and penetration testing, Familiarity with Application Security tooling, software security architecture, cloud and cloud native security

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