Solutions Architect


June 16, 2020

Skills: JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js, Python

We are looking for someone to join our Customer Success Team who we can count on to:

Own: Partner facing conversations about technical integrations. Call external APIs to perform data review, examine data structures for potential issues and manipulate CSV and JSON Data. Write custom Javascript integration formatting scripts. Work directly with clients to improve their experience and turn insights into actionable product feedback. Be responsible for user acceptance testing.

Collaborate: Work with our Co-Founder and CTO and Director of Customer Success to improve our system integrations and own our go-lives.

Learn: Deep product knowledge, deep API expertise, the ins and outs of Higher Education, and customer service skills.

Achieve: Data quality/product improvements, faster time to integration, better customer experience, higher NPS scores, and faster growth.


1 month:

  • Gain basic understanding of our data structures and API
  • Begin collaborating with team
  • Learn all internal tools
  • Understand and speak eloquently about the product

3 months:

  • Run data health checks and lead user acceptance testing from start to finish
  • Write live custom javascript for edge cases
  • Lead projects and work directly with the product
  • Become fluent in the product and Higher Education terminology

6 months:

  • Get involved with hiring and growing the team by evaluating/interviewing candidates
  • Help hire, train, and manage new Customer Success folks
  • Build out scalable processes for Customer Success org

Salary: $80k - $100k • 0.10% - 2.00%

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