Data Engineer

DC Energy, LLC

October 6, 2020

DC Energy is looking for full-stack engineers to help build and refine the software that powers our business. We take a do-it-yourself approach and have built a stack composed of a variety of technologies including R, Python, Shiny, PHP, and C. We employ the tools best suited for a given job, and seek individuals who share that philosophy. Our ideal candidate is a polyglot with an aptitude for picking up new languages and technologies, and who enjoys solving difficult data engineering problems.

This is a hands-on, technical role in a highly-collaborative team. Responsibilities will include development of software new and old across many aspects of our business. As your experience grows, you will contribute to more general design and architecture questions.

Feel free to send or link to a code sample as part of your application.

Skills & Requirements


- Aptitude with at least one programming language (e.g. R, Python, PHP)
- Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Engineering, or related study or work experience


- Developer experience with MySQL. DBA experience a plus
- Unix/Linux background
- Statistical or scientific computing experience (e.g. R, SPlus, Matlab)
- GitHub portfolio or other accessible code samples
- Familiar with version control systems, especially Subversion

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