Senior Software Engineer


September 21, 2020

This is an opportunity to join a small team of extremely talented engineers responsible for the technical strategy and implementation of the company's core revenue-driving products. Our team has only senior level engineers. We pride ourselves on being pragmatic, open minded, process driven, and guided by established best practices. We have dedicated Product, DevOps, and QA teams supporting us.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Prides themselves on being a top performer

  • Wants to become an integral part of a small upbeat engineering team that’s having fun building things, and to push them to do even better!

  • Knows good design, who’s not scared by scaling.

  • Can take a project spec and run with it (but knows that discussing design with the team before running too far is the better move).


  • 5+ Years of software development experience with Ruby on Rails

  • 5+ Years of software development with React or similar front end frameworks

  • You must be curious and an excellent problem solver

  • Full Stack development experience is required

  • Experience with launching and scaling products in a production environment is required

  • Experience working with telephony and video platforms is a plus

  • Experience working 100% remote is a plus


  • Competitive Salary - Just ask!

  • Great Health/dental vision insurance

  • 401K (with matching)

  • Work/life balance (we're profitable - we don't want to burn out)

    • Flexible Schedule

    • Generous Paid Time Off Policies
  • The software and equipment you need to be productive, including a new MacBook Pro

A glimpse into daily life:

  • Spend time figuring out how to implement a ticket

  • Chat with the team on Slack or pair with someone on Zoom as a sounding board

  • Branch your Git fork, code up a solution, and create a pull request

  • Thanks to devops magic, docker, jenkins and kubernetes you now have a staging environment with your changes, along with unit and integration test feedback.

  • Test your solution and then request a senior engineer review your code before passing it along to the QA team.

  • If it’s Friday, hang out and have a drink with 30+ of your coworkers on Zoom
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