Software Engineer, Microservices


February 10, 2021


A stellar opportunity to have a massive impact on the future of Hopper's travel technology! We're hiring an amazing Backend Engineer to join the Fin-tech team here at Hopper! Our team is developing new products that will build the foundation for the next generation of travel selling and booking technology and contributes to 70% of the company's revenue! As Senior Software Engineer, you will be directly responsible for designing, implementing, and deploying the complex backend systems that power Hopper’s award-winning user experience!


  • Solve complex technical problems to empower engineering teams

  • Work in a dynamic microservices environment with a rich API tier

  • Ship your first code in days, iterating on features in an agile manner leveraging Scala

  • Build robust and performant infrastructure that supports millions of dollars of revenue.

  • Make important architectural decisions about core backend systems to take advantage of our microservices architecture

  • Collaborate with a diverse group of people, giving and receiving feedback for growth

  • Execute on big opportunities, helping Hopper rise to the top of the travel industry


  • Experience thriving in a dynamic backend environment, delivering user experience at scale.

  • Experience working with persistence technologies

  • The ability to bring leading industry techniques and technologies to the table

  • Experience mentoring and leading people at different stages in their career

  • Excels in cross-functional teams, working fluidly with Product Managers, Data Scientists, Mobile Engineers, and other highly skilled specialists

  • A passionate focus on quality, writing testable code that performs well for our consumers

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