Software Engineer


January 4, 2022

At C4ADS, we are pushing the bounds of what is possible with open data and technology for conflict, security, and threat-finance research. The mission of C4ADS is to understand and, where possible, disrupt illicit networks. We are guided by the philosophy that technology and data can empower us to hold governments and illicit actors accountable. We actively seek to use our unique capabilities, skill sets, and data access to drive tangible outcomes.

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our fast-growing technology team. As a Software Engineer at C4ADS, you will be responsible for coordinating development of our applications and creating new tools for analysis and information distribution for the rest of C4ADS. The ideal candidate has experience building maintainable, full-stack development projects from the ground up and is comfortable working with all types of structured and unstructured data. We are looking for people who are creative, passionate programmers willing to learn new skills and techniques to get the job done. Software Engineers are expected to demonstrate a high level of independence with their projects, acting in a coordination role with external contractors to complete development sprints on large projects. You will quickly gain practical skills through our in-depth training and will have the opportunity to expand your professional network‚ÄĒall in addition to a joyful work environment with generous benefits and flexible hours. Read more about the role and requirements below.

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