Senior UI/UX developer

One Across Data Science

July 31, 2020


We are looking for a UI/UX Designer and Developer to support projects at the NIH. The position will be based in Rockville, Maryland. We are looking for a skilled and motivated developer with expertise in gathering and implementing user requirements to design intuitive and useful scientific research tools. The successful applicant will be involved in developing user-friendly interfaces to data and methods developed in collaboration with scientists and/or clinicians across the NIH.


  • Candidate must have 5+ years of experience in user interface and user experience design and development

  • Develop and implement a process to continuously engage with users, and obtain and track feedback

  • Prepare and communicate draft mockups and prototypes that demonstrate functionality to present to internal teams and key stakeholders

  • Develop use cases and access needs to define API requirements

  • Create original, intuitive and interactive visualizations and layouts/functionalities

  • Experience building large-scale, reactive web user interface frontends

  • Finding and integrating custom components in a chosen framework as well as building one from scratch when needed

  • Implement a process for unit testing, quality control assessment, bug tracking, and troubleshooting

  • Identify and resolve application bugs, browser compatibility issues, and performance issues

  • Practice sustainable software development practices, provide documentation, implement continuous integration/continuous development processes

  • Candidates must be comfortable working with:
    • Linux and MacOS operating systems

    • A ticket system such as Jira

    • A team documentation system such as Confluence

    • Source control (git), collaboration tools.

  • Candidates must have strong communication and team/collaborative skills


  • Strong experience with Javascript, CSS, HTML

  • Strong experience with the Angular framework.

  • Experience with interactive data visualizations using D3, Plotly, C3.js , and/or Nvd3

  • Provide examples of open-source work (e.g. GitHub accounts)

  • Experience developing for mobile platforms (native or web-based applications)

  • Experience with containerized (e.g. Docker) build and deployment

  • Functional knowledge of Python and/or R


  • Bachelor’s Degree plus 4 years of experience in UI/UX designing, or master’s degree

  • Portfolio of design projects

  • 3- 6 years Developing and Designing visualization platforms

  • Strong knowledge and experience with WebGL/WebGL2

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team environment

  • Strong biology, chemistry or informatics background a plus
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