UI/UX Researcher/Designer

One Across Data Science

September 2, 2020


We are looking for a UI/UX Researcher/Designer to support projects at the NIH. The position will be based in Rockville, Maryland. We are looking for a skilled and motivated designer with expertise in gathering user requirements, and implementing those requirements to design intuitive and useful scientific research tools. The successful applicant will be involved in developing user-friendly interfaces to data and methods developed in collaboration with a dynamic team of developers and scientists across the NIH.


  • Create original, intuitive and interactive visualizations and layouts/functionalities

  • Develop and implement a process to continuously engage with users, and obtain and track feedback

  • Conduct user interviews and research to establish needs within an application

  • Generate user stories and personas to help inform design

  • Conduct comparison research of other similar tools

  • Develop use cases and access needs to define API requirements

  • Prepare and communicate draft mockups/wireframes and prototypes that demonstrate functionality to present to internal teams and key stakeholders

  • Find and customize visual components in a chosen framework as well as build one from scratch when needed

  • Implement a process for unit testing, quality control assessment, bug tracking, and troubleshooting

  • Candidates must be comfortable working with:

      • A diverse and dynamic multi-disciplinary team

      • A ticket system such as Jira

      • A team documentation system such as Confluence

      • Source control (git), collaboration tools.
  • Candidates must have strong communication and team/collaborative skills


  • Experience designing large-scale, reactive web user interface frontends

  • Experience with Adobe Xd, Sketch, InVision or Photoshop

  • Provide examples of open-source work (e.g. portfolio or GitHub accounts)

  • Experience designing for mobile platforms (native or web-based applications)

  • Master’s Degree plus 1 year of experience in UI/UX designing with:

    • 3- 6 years Developing and Designing visualization platforms

    • 5+ years of experience in user interface and user experience design and development
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team environment

  • Experience working with biomedical research apps


  • Basic understanding of biomedical research data
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