Senior Frontend Engineer


August 26, 2020

Team:      Product Development

Status:    Full-time/Exempt/Project (Funded by a grant  through November 2022)

Note: PBS staff are currently working remotely. As such, we are open to considering candidates who reside outside of the Washington DC metropolitan area.

What PBS has for you:

We're a small team responsible for big projects. We're hiring an experienced frontend engineer to build video products on the web. For this role, "build" means:

  • Direct client architecture
  • Review code
  • Write code

The person in this role will be an engineer that works closely with the design and product management teams. Perks include amazing co-workers, a remote-work friendly environment, a humane work-life balance, and meaningful work.

If you're interested in delivering content meant to "educate, inspire, entertain, and express the diversity of perspectives," please consider yourself a candidate.

You are ideal if:

You want to share the challenge of delivering millions of video streams every week. You've seen the hazards of bad client-side state management and have reveled in bringing order to the chaos. We embrace JavaScript and use React when it comes to client-side code, but other persuasions are encouraged to apply. You can speak to the interactions between web clients and their upstream dependencies. An ideal candidate will have the following characteristics:

  • Enthusiastic: We work at a company that effects positive change. Let's act like it!
  • Collaborative: You're smart and communicative enough to mentor junior engineers. You can accept feedback from engineers that have had different experiences than you.
  • Humbly opinionated: You bring what you know to the table and are willing to learn more.
  • Lifelong learner: An inquisitive nature drives you.

Come work with us:

To us, "Senior" means that you've shepherded several projects by:

  • Making decisions on the tech stack and living with the consequences
  • Trailblazing a path through the tricky bits of code for both the product and less experienced developers
  • Coordinating engineers on your project and communicating with teams of dependency projects

If you want to work with a group of people who are smart and get things done, please start by clicking the button below. Please include some samples of your work in your application: code, blog posts, and links to personal or professional sites.

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