Front End Engineer


October 12, 2020

The Front-End Engineer will design and develop user-centric experiences using the latest web technologies in partnership with Full Stack Scala Engineers. QOMPLX’s web application is predominantly written in Scala and makes extensive use of current tools such as Vue, Lift, Play, Webpack and Scala.js. You will be responsible for identifying and leveraging the best open-source libraries and writing additional custom JavaScript libraries or library extensions when required. Specific development will range over a variety of tasks, from core user interactions and account management to managing near real-time and batch-oriented data processing for analytics and simulation modeling.


  • Develop state-of-the-art analytics tools and contribute to key user interactions and interfaces for tools

  • Develop functionality to improve the ease of use of algorithms and data science tools

  • Improve visualizations of network security states, challenges, and opportunities

  • Work collaboratively to ensure consistent and performant approaches for the entire user experience and for analytic code developed inside the system


  • Reside in either the greater Washington D.C. or Denver CO area or able to relocate

  • Bachelor's Degree or 8 years of relevant work experience

  • 1-2 years overall experience with responsive and single-page web applications

  • 1-2 years of experience in use of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • 1+ years of experience with data visualization

  • Experience with VueJS, Material, Sass, Webpack

  • Experience with agile development

  • Familiarity with npm, git.


  • Advanced mathematical modeling skills

  • Specific knowledge of Chart.js,Material Design / Vuetify.js, sigma.js, and other advanced JavaScript-based visualization libraries

  • Knowledge of information security, insurance, risk management or finance applications

  • Knowledge of BEM CSS naming conventions

  • Thorough familiarity with ES6

  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn some basic Scala and Scala web-frameworks)


QOMPLX applies artificial intelligence to solve complex, real-world problems at scale. Our Human+AI operating system, QOMPLX:OS™, blends capabilities ranging from data handling, analytics, and reporting to advanced algorithms, simulations, and machine learning, enabling decisions that are just-in-time, just-in-place, and just-in-context. If this type of environment sounds exciting reach out to us directly via application at with a resume and cover letter.

QOMPLX offers a competitive salary, a full range of benefits, including 401(k) and medical, dental & vision coverage, flexible “Personal Time Off (PTO)” plan and 10+ paid holiday days per year

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