Apprentice Software Engineer


December 10, 2020

Consistently named one of the top D.C. start-ups to watch since 2016, Quorum builds software that helps public affairs professionals work smarter and move faster. Our philosophy is people-first, whether we're supporting team members in their careers or prioritizing our clients with a best-in-class customer success program. Quorum's clients use our tools to bring a modern approach to advocacy work in Congress, all 50 state legislatures, major U.S. cities, the European Union, and more than a dozen countries.

Our engineers work the full stack using tools like React/Redux, Django, PostgreSQL, React Native, and much more, and we’re looking for Apprentice Software Engineers to work with us in an interdisciplinary, teamwork-oriented environment to help build the most powerful advocacy platform on the market.

As an Apprentice Software Engineer in our Quorum Accelerate Program, you will complete a paid, 12- to 15-month apprenticeship that helps you to build skills to pursue a long-term career in full stack software development. Apprentice Software Engineers will report directly to a Software Engineering Manager and be paired with a peer Software Engineer mentor for the duration of the program. During your apprenticeship, you’ll receive hands-on, daily support to help you build your engineering skills and work alongside our team to expand and enhance our products.

What You'll Do

  • First Week: You will meet your mentor, get your environment set up, and dive into learning about our stack, company, codebase, and products. You’ll work through a Quorum-built training program to introduce you to our system and how it works.
  • First Month: You’ll work on a variety of small tickets that will increase in scope and difficulty and you become more comfortable with our systems. You’ll start working on real user problems almost as soon as you start.
  • First Six Months: You’ll take part in your first major “epic” and work with a team of other engineers to design and build a major new system. You’ll think through challenging scaling questions, iterate on your designs, receive feedback from other engineers, and launch new features that impact our users.
  • First Year: You’ll grow in your skills, confidence, and consistency as you work on several major projects. By the end of your first year, you’ll have built the skills to be a competitive candidate for a promotion to a Fullstack Software Engineer I role and lay the groundwork for future success in your career.

About You

  • You are seeking to make a career change and have a strong ambition to build a career in full stack software development
  • You graduated in the top 10% of a coding bootcamp that was at least 4-months long (e.g., Grace Hopper, App Academy, Lambda School) and/or received a degree in Computer Science but do not yet have significant industry experience (e.g., few or no software engineer internships)
  • You are dedicated to expanding your software development skills through independent projects (e.g., continued building an app after bootcamp)
  • You display grit—you are achievement-oriented, follow through in the pursuit of your long-term goals, and have built the resilience to overcome personal and professional obstacles
  • You’ll stand out if you have solid experience with React, a core part of the Quorum tech stack, and you’ll be an exceptional candidate if you regularly contribute to open source projects
  • You are an especially strong candidate if you want to be a part of building a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem

About the Software Development Team

  • We’re a fast-growing team that is dedicated to improving our people, processes, and platform. The 25-person overall team is composed of the backend software engineer team, two full-stack software engineering teams, the Product Management team, and our Product Design team.
  • We support many different products but internally think of them as one system with a single unified codebase. Our goal is to build centralized systems that handle complex problems for multiple features and products.
  • We’re focused on doing the important things the right way -- we write solid documentation, test our code well, design for scale, and follow defined software development processes.
  • We follow best-in-class security practices to safeguard our data and application against bad actors. We regularly test and update processes and technology to fight complacency, because we know good security is a continuous effort.
  • We curate high-quality datasets that are essential for effective mapping and tracking of the government and public affairs spaces. Our datasets underpin our promise to give users the information necessary to make smart decisions that influence policy.
  • We set rigorous quality standards and monitor them with a mix of programmatic and manual verifications to ensure users maintain a high degree of trust in our systems.
  • We’re very close as a team and invest not only in each others’ skills and careers but also in building real relationships with one another: product development is a team sport and we believe that it’s better (and more fun) to work on a team of people that you know well and care about.

Our Work Environment

  • We usually work in a vibrant, sunlit space in our modern, open concept office. During the COVID-19 health crisis, most of our team members are working from home in locations around the world. Team members will have the option to work from home until at least January 31, 2021. Those that feel safe re-entering the office earlier can apply to be part of a pilot re-entry program. All candidates need to be willing and able to relocate to the Washington DC area in 2021
  • Our office building is located in the heart of downtown DC, easily accessible by metro, bus, and rideshares. It is also in close proximity to great restaurants, food trucks, shopping, and popular happy hour spots
  • Our team loves to spend time doing fun things outside of the office, which we call Quorum Fun events. Past Quorum Fun events have included apple picking, yoga, and wine tasting

If you'd like to learn what it's like to have a real impact at a fast-growing company that is changing the way the advocacy process works, drop us a line. We'd love to talk to you!

Compensation Structure

  • Initial Base Compensation: $60,000.00
  • Benefits: 401(k) match, trans-inclusive healthcare, 12-weeks paid maternity/paternity/adoption/fostering leave, unlimited PTO, and more

Apprentice Software Engineer Career Growth Pathway

  • Upon successful completion of the Software Engineer Apprentice Program, candidates can earn a promotion to a Fullstack Software Engineer I role [Compensation Range: $88,000.00 - $107,000.00]

Hiring Timeline

  • Job Application Closes: At 11:59 PM EST on January 3, 2020
  • First Round Recruiter Screens: December 15 - January 8, 2021
  • Second Round Technical Screens: January 4 - 15, 2021
  • Final Virtual Onsites Super Days: January 18, 20, and 22, 2021
  • Target Start Date: February 1, 2021
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