Software Project Manager


November 10, 2021

Software Project Manager

We are looking for people who share our core values of heroism, audacity, curiosity, and excellence to join our team. We are a tight-knit group of engineers, analysts, and business professionals who have organically built a company that monitors more than 8% of the Internet’s public IP space and 40 trillion business communications per year. We've had a huge impact on the Fortune-50 and Government sectors over the past year, so we're looking to grow rapidly while maintaining our culture and diversity.

As a cyber resilience company, we solve security, continuity, regulatory, and efficiency problems for our customers. You’ll help protect the jobs and security of millions of people while working on and advancing novel techniques in computer science. You’ll be connected to everything that’s happening; every member of our engineering team is responsible for our products’ quality and directly supports the mission.

As a Software Project Manager at Redjack, you’ll be responsible for facilitating software development excellence to protect the world’s largest digital enterprises. At Redjack, we prioritize innovation, impact, and people in a way we think is unique in the software development space. You’ll get to establish processes and programs to facilitate innovation, cultivate impact, and make our software engineers better. You’ll get to write a bit of code as well.

Your Role

Your role will be to manage software development across our engineering teams. Your goal will be to facilitate quality and velocity of product development. Specifically, you will:

  • Implement an agile software development practice and document our product development roadmap.
  • Work with code analysis tools and collaborate with engineering team leads and members to improve our software development.
  • Recruit new, high-quality software engineers and data scientists for the team.
  • Evaluate design specifications and code to ensure excellence and help out with engineering when needed.

What you should have accomplished

We’ll assess your skills and ensure your impact will scale with your ability. What we’re looking for to start:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • 3+ years experience managing software engineering with an agile methodology.
  • Ability to read, understand, or write software in a modern language
  • Experience working with data science and/or research teams


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