Senior .NET Core Blazor Azure Developer


June 16, 2020

Looking for a Senior .NET Core, Azure Developer for a 1-3 month contract (to start) to help with a migration from ASP.NET Core to Blazor. This is 1099 and hourly rates will be based on experience. The rate range will start at approx. $90-$110/hour.

Experience Needed:

Working knowledge of Blazor (server or client side) is preferred but in-depth presentation layer experience with client-side SPA frameworks (e.g. Angular, React or Vue) or in-depth experience with ASP.NET Core will be considered.

Any candidate should have an in-depth understanding of Azure PaaS assets (e.g. Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Azure Storage). AWS experience with similar technologies may be considered depending on candidates overall experience.

Strong object-oriented, C# and .NET Core skills will be required. For example a firm understanding of SOLID principals and their implementation in a .NET Core environment.

In-depth Entity Framework Core skills and experience will be required.

While the work is remote the contractor will able to apply full-time hours as required and be available during agreed upon "working hours".

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